Our training is only carried out after a full scoping of your business. Once our consultants understand your business needs, we can truly tailor our training content to match your objectives. After all, who wants training out of the box?


At Trans2 Performance, we don’t believe in the theory ‘one size fits all’, that’s why we carry out a thorough scoping prior to any potential training engagement. We like to understand your business priorities, internal terminologies and processes, and experience your daily tasks and activities first hand. In other words, we do whatever it takes to meet your training requirements.

Bespoke Content

With a complete understanding of your businesses current projects, initiatives and desired objectives, we can develop content which compliments key messages currently being delivered, or assist to inspire teams to embrace change. A training programme designed specifically for you and your environment will without question deliver a much greater impact.


Passion, integrity and energy are three qualities we look for in our Training Consultants. We want to ensure that your teams leave inspired, motivated and with a drive to continue their self-development. A relaxed environment with open discussion and debate, are all integral to the success and impact of our training.

“Positive rewards”

I highly recommend anyone to involve Trans2 Performance in some fashion in your organisation. I am confident you will see positive rewards.

Tripp Martin

University of Birmingham Careers in Business Manager

“Positive Step Change in the Culture”

Trans2 Performance made a significant contribution to the development of our people and delivered a powerful and effective programme which has resulted in a positive step change in the culture of Willerby Holiday Homes.

Alison Bettac

Willerby Holiday Homes HR Director


We are working with Trans2 Performance to engage with and develop our senior leadership team.  The programme is ongoing and the early results are extremely positive.  The human performance insights are invaluable

Sue Murdoch

KCOM HR Director


We worked with Trans2 Performance in the second half of 2015 and the impact on our teams has been transformational.

Nick Thompson

Gradwell Managing Director

“Thought provoking”

We have worked with Trans2 Performance to better prepare our players and coaches to communicate effectively, increase our mental capability and to develop an overall positive mindset. The insight is thought provoking, motivating and really actionable.

Lee Radford

Hull F.C. Head Coach

Our latest posts

Understanding Stress

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992, with the predominant aim being to help people to identify stress triggers, stress behaviours and how to tackle them. Here at Trans2 Performance, one of our focuses is on ways to combat negative stress in the workplace and making your working environment a positive one.

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T2 Hub - Available Now

The T2 Hub is a smart online resource designed to arm leaders and managers with the practical content, insight and tools necessary to make decisions and take action in real time. Imagine the T2 Hub as business hacks for your leaders!

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The Power of a Personal Brand

What is a Branded Relationship? A branded relationship is one that involves the kind of trust which only happens when two people believe there is a direct connection between their value systems. What is a Personal Brand? Your Personal Brand truly reflects the person you are and is directly linked to your values and aspirations.

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HR Executives Programme

The T2 for HR Executives Programme is a senior coaching and development programme designed specifically for HR professionals. The programme consists of inspiring, content driven group sessions facilitated by senior T2 Consultants, quarterly one to one executive coaching sessions and personal psychometric testing analysis aimed to support your personal and professional growth. Who’s Developing You? At Trans2 Performance we work with many businesses delivering impactful learning and development programmes across the organisation. Working alongside Senior HR Professionals, we plan, create and deliver essential training and development initiatives for everyone from the CEO down. We are finding that HRD’s and Senior HR Professionals are so busy serving the company and everyone within it, that their own personal development and coaching needs become neglected. This programme was created to redress the balance.

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Human Iceberg Masterclass

If we are going to truly unlock our potential, then we need to explore a little deeper than the surface behaviours and characteristics we display. Self awareness is a hugely important factor in our ability to connect with others and get ahead in our career. In order to become truly self aware we must uncover our unconscious motivators and connect with our sense of purpose.

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Resilience Masterclass

This masterclass is designed to offer insights into resilience and how to develop it on a personal and professional basis, as an individual, group or team. What is resilience and how do we gain it? How can we promote resilience in others and how can our organisation benefit from resilience and resilient people. Using examples from his experience in behavioral and social psychology in differing contexts from Social Service to working with the Special Forces and onto the Channel 4 TV programme ‘SAS; Who Dares Wins’,

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Speaking and Presenting Masterclass

Public speaking and presenting are crucial elements of the modern day work place and those who do it well, add huge commercial impact within their business. Whether you are delivering a presentation in the boardroom, addressing your team, speaking at an event, or even just standing up and delivering a sales pitch to a potential customer, speaking well and connecting with others is a hugely influential factor in influencing others.

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Understanding and Supporting Stress in the Workplace - Frontline Support Tool

Our First Line Support Tool provides managers with a practical and effective guide to spotting and supporting employees who are experiencing stress in the workplace, including; Understanding and Recognising Stress, The SAW Technique; to establish the root causes, Practical and Hypothetical Worries; an action plan to alleviate stress, Influencing State of Mind; the ‘threat’ and ‘challenge’ states and Intervention; facilitating professional support

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T2 Competency Frameworks

Our Sales Competency Framework (SCF) provides our customers with a structure to effectively hire, measure, assess and develop their people to drive consistency, productivity and clarity across the sales function.

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I am Human - 30 Mistakes to Success a book by our CEO; Martin Johnson

I Am Human lifts the lid on 30 of the most common unconscious mistakes and missed opportunities that we humans fail to correct or take advantage of. Honest, intelligent and fun - sometimes a cautionary tale, sometimes a timely reminder, even a light blub moment or two. I Am Human will help you become more conscious, productive and influential, helping you achieve the success and self-fulfilment you desire.

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Productivity Tips That Are Actually Enjoyable

Productivity: it’s a powerful thing. You could be an expert at time management and a prime example of workplace professionalism, but if your productivity levels are low, you won’t be achieving anywhere near what’s expected of your role. Some people think that productivity is down to getting things done, which does of course make perfect sense. However, productivity is really about what you get done and when. If, for example, you spend your morning sorting through your inbox, cleaning your office and attending an optional meeting, when what you really should be doing is sealing a deal or reaching a project milestone, you can’t legitimately say that you’ve been productive.

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