Customer Service Training Courses in Hull, UK

Customer service advisors play a major role in delivering customer experience whilst heavily influencing your organisations brand. Dealing with sales queries and objections effectively is critical to customer satisfaction and supports continued business growth.

The Customer Service Framework 

Our Customer Service Framework offers a clear, step by step guide to completing a call in the most effective manner. Following the framework, gives structure and positivity to even the most difficult situation.

Objection Handling 

Sometimes, it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it. Delivering bad news, can leave us open to criticism, objection, and in some cases anger. Success lies in how well we handle these objections.

Understanding Your Caller

Recognising the Social Style of your caller will enable you to adapt your communication style, execute the Customer Service Framework and bring the call to a positive outcome.

Proactive Vs Reactive Customer Service 

Waiting for customers to call with queries, and then dealing with them effectively is what we call ‘Reactive Customer Service’. The ability to anticipate and prevent these problems from arising is what we call ‘Proactive Customer Service’. This differentiates you from your competition.

“Positive Step Change in the Culture”

Trans2 Performance made a significant contribution to the development of our people and delivered a powerful and effective programme which has resulted in a positive step change in the culture of Willerby Holiday Homes.

Alison Bettac

Willerby Holiday Homes HR Director


We are working with Trans2 Performance to engage with and develop our senior leadership team.  The programme is ongoing and the early results are extremely positive.  The human performance insights are invaluable

Sue Murdoch

KCOM HR Director


We worked with Trans2 Performance in the second half of 2015 and the impact on our teams has been transformational.

Nick Thompson

Gradwell Managing Director

“Positive rewards”

I highly recommend anyone to involve Trans2 Performance in some fashion in your organisation. I am confident you will see positive rewards.

Tripp Martin

University of Birmingham Careers in Business Manager

“Thought provoking”

We have worked with Trans2 Performance to better prepare our players and coaches to communicate effectively, increase our mental capability and to develop an overall positive mindset. The insight is thought provoking, motivating and really actionable.

Lee Radford

Hull F.C. Head Coach