Soft Skills and Social Skills Training in Hull and the Rest of the UK

Here at Trans2 Performance, we focus heavily on what we call ‘Human Performance’. Utilising neuroscience, NLP and other psychology techniques, Human Performance enables us to develop people and their soft and social skills. This complements the technical and theoretical knowledge covered in the other Trans2 Performance training modules.

Social Excellence

Making the most out of every social interaction and building your network will be the key to your success. Whether you are a business CEO, a Sales Executive or simply want to motivate and inspire your people, Social Excellence plays a significant part.

Emotional Intelligence

Self-Awareness and an acute understanding of others and their emotions is essential. Our ability to correctly read people and situations will have a huge bearing on how we connect with others.

Sense of Purpose 

We all have a Sense of Purpose. Whether it is to receive recognition, or to prove a point, it is proven that when we know what it is, our productivity, determination and commitment to a particular cause significantly increases.

Understanding Social Styles

Rooted in Psychometric testing, Social Styles allow us to recognise the intricate personality differences between us all, and react accordingly.

The Social Brain

Knowing that we do not have full control over the way we think, feel and react, enables us to offer a deeper understanding of people.

NLP - Effective Communication

Understanding Neuro-Linguistic Programming allows us to alter our communication style to match that of our people. It can add weight and gravitas to your message or pitch, and helps to secure the ‘buy in’ you desire.

PRINT - Uncover your Unconscious Motivators

PRINT® is the next generation personal insights tool which unveils the core drivers behind our behaviour. PRINT’s Unconscious Motivators® define why we behave the way we do, introduces what can Trigger us into unproductive ‘Shadow’ behaviour, and teaches strategies to stay in our most productive ‘Best Self’. PRINT brought to you by PRINT Profile Ltd, UK Licensee for PRINT - by the Paul Hertz Group USA. ©1998 The Paul Hertz Group - PRINT, Unconscious Motivators and Shadow are registered trademarks.

“Positive Step Change in the Culture”

Trans2 Performance made a significant contribution to the development of our people and delivered a powerful and effective programme which has resulted in a positive step change in the culture of Willerby Holiday Homes.

Alison Bettac

Willerby Holiday Homes HR Director


We are working with Trans2 Performance to engage with and develop our senior leadership team.  The programme is ongoing and the early results are extremely positive.  The human performance insights are invaluable

Sue Murdoch

KCOM HR Director


We worked with Trans2 Performance in the second half of 2015 and the impact on our teams has been transformational.

Nick Thompson

Gradwell Managing Director

“Positive rewards”

I highly recommend anyone to involve Trans2 Performance in some fashion in your organisation. I am confident you will see positive rewards.

Tripp Martin

University of Birmingham Careers in Business Manager

“Thought provoking”

We have worked with Trans2 Performance to better prepare our players and coaches to communicate effectively, increase our mental capability and to develop an overall positive mindset. The insight is thought provoking, motivating and really actionable.

Lee Radford

Hull F.C. Head Coach