Core Competencies; What are they?

It is important that business leaders and managers have a clear understanding of the core competencies required for each role within their organisation.

“Core Competencies are the personal attributes and professional skills required for the successful execution of any role.  They form the basis of an individual’s expected contribution, capability and capacity to perform at a valuable level, both for that individual and the business.”

The T2 productivity tools series provides organisations and their leadership teams with the practical toolkits and templates necessary to increase productivity and drive business growth.

We have developed the following Competency Frameworks to provide our customers with a structure to effectively hire, measure, assess and develop their people to drive consistency, productivity and clarity across each function;

Leadership Competency Framework

Sales Competency Framework

Customer Service Competency Framework

Trans2 will provide an on-boarding day providing full training, and how to consistently measure/grade across 16 core competencies.  We will then supply a managers guide, interactive assessment sheets for each individual and a measurement toolkit for grading and development purposes.

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