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Why Trans2 Performance

At Trans2 Performance we understand that people are every business’s greatest asset. Imagine investing in a programme designed to develop those people, up-skill them and leave them with a desire for continued growth….


Our training is only carried out after a full scoping of your business. Once our consultants understand your business needs, we can truly tailor our training content to match your objectives. After all, who wants training out of the box?

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All businesses are unique, and have their own business initiatives & projects. At Trans2, we understand that a unique business deserves a unique solution. Our consultants have worked on projects which have enabled businesses to create effective strategies, establish new business processes and create internal learning & development programmes.

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‘An evening of Inspiration and Motivation’. Whilst our T2 Talks events are undoubtedly inspiring and motivating, they are so much more. They act as an opportunity for businesses to come together and share best practice, field thoughts and ideas with peers and seek guidance and advice from others within the business world.

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Combining innovative theories with cognitive, practical activities; T2 Stretch is a perfect way to develop your people and establish team spirit. This is achieved by focusing on lateral thinking, problem solving and effective communication.

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we have a diverse client base

Who we work with

Below is a small sample of our current client base. We’ve had a great time working with them.


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T2 Hub - Coming Soon

We are excited with the imminent launch of the T2 Hub, which will be a smart online resource designed to arm leaders and managers with practical content, insight and tools in real time. Imagine the T2 Hub as business hacks for your leaders!

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HR Executives Programme

The T2 for HR Executives Programme is a senior coaching and development programme designed specifically for HR professionals. The programme consists of inspiring, content driven group sessions facilitated by senior T2 Consultants, quarterly one to one executive coaching sessions and personal psychometric testing analysis aimed to support your personal and professional growth. Who’s Developing You? At Trans2 Performance we work with many businesses delivering impactful learning and development programmes across the organisation. Working alongside Senior HR Professionals, we plan, create and deliver essential training and development initiatives for everyone from the CEO down. We are finding that HRD’s and Senior HR Professionals are so busy serving the company and everyone within it, that their own personal development and coaching needs become neglected. This programme was created to redress the balance.

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