Sales Training Programme in Hull, UK

Our sales training programme is designed to equip sales people with the skills required to improve sales productivity and drive business growth. We also help companies increase customer retention whilst building strong, meaningful & mutually beneficial relationships.

The Sales Work Cycle

From carrying out White Space Analysis, to executing the perfect client meeting, The Sales Work Cycle offers a structured approach to sales execution.

Sales Styles

What is your sales style? What are the styles of others? Understanding that every ‘buyer’ is susceptible to different Sales Styles allows you to consider yours and adapt accordingly.

Account Management Framework

Are you an Outsider, Provider or Partner to your customers? Understanding where your relationships stand, allows you to focus on the right accounts, and not just your biggest spenders.

Negotiation Skills

Similarly to our Sales Style, our Negotiation Style will differ from client to client. Knowing where we can hold firm, and where we should accommodate will lead to a successful close.

Effective Prospecting 

A considered, targeted approach to prospecting can result in a marked improvement in sales success. For example, research and competitor knowledge could see your conversion rate increase.

NLP - Effective Communication 

Understanding Neuro-Linguistic Programming allows us to alter our communication style to match that of your buyer/client. It can add weight and gravitas to your pitch and help to secure the ‘buy in’ you desire.

“Positive Step Change in the Culture”

Trans2 Performance made a significant contribution to the development of our people and delivered a powerful and effective programme which has resulted in a positive step change in the culture of Willerby Holiday Homes.

Alison Bettac

Willerby Holiday Homes HR Director


We are working with Trans2 Performance to engage with and develop our senior leadership team.  The programme is ongoing and the early results are extremely positive.  The human performance insights are invaluable

Sue Murdoch

KCOM HR Director


We worked with Trans2 Performance in the second half of 2015 and the impact on our teams has been transformational.

Nick Thompson

Gradwell Managing Director

“Thought provoking”

We have worked with Trans2 Performance to better prepare our players and coaches to communicate effectively, increase our mental capability and to develop an overall positive mindset. The insight is thought provoking, motivating and really actionable.

Lee Radford

Hull F.C. Head Coach

“Positive rewards”

I highly recommend anyone to involve Trans2 Performance in some fashion in your organisation. I am confident you will see positive rewards.

Tripp Martin

University of Birmingham Careers in Business Manager