Public Speaking Courses and Presentation Skills Training in Hull, UK

Public speaking and presenting is an essential skill in the modern day work place. Whether you are delivering a presentation in the boardroom, addressing your team, or delivering a sales pitch, speaking well and connecting with others is essential when trying to convey a message and reach a desired outcome.

Planning & Preparing 

It’s all in the detail. Successful public speakers and presenters will tell you that the key to Speaking and Presenting is how well you have prepared. Let’s structure that, so you can’t go wrong.

Creating a Killer Presentation  

Whether you’re using slides, flip charts or Audio/Visuals, there are some key principles which, when followed, will ensure your presentation is memorable.

Delivering with Power & Presence

Content is important, delivery is everything. Of course WHAT you are speaking about is important, but HOW you deliver will determine whether your audience take away your key messages or not.

Executing Triggers & Wow Moments

Triggers and Wow moments are heavily seated within the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Pacing and Leading your audience using proven techniques can maximise the impact of your presentation.

“Thought provoking”

We have worked with Trans2 Performance to better prepare our players and coaches to communicate effectively, increase our mental capability and to develop an overall positive mindset. The insight is thought provoking, motivating and really actionable.

Lee Radford

Hull F.C. Head Coach

“Positive Step Change in the Culture”

Trans2 Performance made a significant contribution to the development of our people and delivered a powerful and effective programme which has resulted in a positive step change in the culture of Willerby Holiday Homes.

Alison Bettac

Willerby Holiday Homes HR Director


We are working with Trans2 Performance to engage with and develop our senior leadership team.  The programme is ongoing and the early results are extremely positive.  The human performance insights are invaluable

Sue Murdoch

KCOM HR Director


We worked with Trans2 Performance in the second half of 2015 and the impact on our teams has been transformational.

Nick Thompson

Gradwell Managing Director

“Positive rewards”

I highly recommend anyone to involve Trans2 Performance in some fashion in your organisation. I am confident you will see positive rewards.

Tripp Martin

University of Birmingham Careers in Business Manager