What is a Branded Relationship?

A branded relationship is one that involves the kind of trust which only happens when two people believe there is a direct connection between their value systems.

What is a Personal Brand?

Your Personal Brand truly reflects the person you are and is directly linked to your values and aspirations.

How do you accurately uncover your Personal Brand?

Your brand is ultimately a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes their total experience of having a relationship with you. To uncover what your Personal Brand looks like ask 20 people to describe you in 5 words. You will find that there will be some common themes in their answers. These common themes will likely represent your Personal Brand.

How does a Personal Brand influence Relationships?

There are certain people you would instantly turn to in times of need and there are those we would stay well clear of! The ones we turn to tend to be those with the strongest brand relating to integrity, trust and leadership. They also tend to be the people we have gained value from in the past.

Can you have a Personal and Professional Brand?

The answer is yes, you can. However, our studies show that a consistent brand that connects with both the head and the heart is more powerful then one which adopts a strictly business approach. People who tune in to emotions as well as the brain tend to build deeper connections with others. There is an element of authenticity in those who display a consistent brand both personally and professionally.

How important is a positive Personal Brand?

We have established that your Personal Brand exists based on the perceptions and emotions of someone other than you. The good news is that once locked in, it has tremendous staying power which is what gives a relationship it’s depth and resilience. So it can be incredibly influential in your ability to collaborate, communicate and build rapport with others. Likewise, a negative Personal Brand can inhibit your ability to achieve all of those things. But….don’t get too hung up on this. Psychology suggests that for every 5 people you meet, 1 will love you, 3 will take a balanced view and 1 will dislike you. This is the nature of personalities and human relationships. As long as your Personal Brand represents who you truly are, more often than not, it will serve you well.

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